digital marketing trends of 2019

Latest Upcoming Digital Marketing Trends of 2019

Have you read Bill Gates book – Business @the Speed of Thought? Just look at the title. It speaks about his genius. So, if you are a business owner, you should take decisions at a split second to outsmart the competition. In his penned book, he has clearly explained how the future technology as well the digital infrastructures can help a business get ahead of the competition in their industry.

But right now, the book seems to lag a little behind. The technology written during the time of launch of this book has changed. The reason, innovations are happening at a fast pace. And yes, the marketing strategies of even every company, regardless of industry.


digital marketing trends of 2019

However, one aspect remains the same. Content is king. If your message is powerful to impact a reader and then make him/her go for the call for active mode, then your job is done. And the path to success remains the same as in the previous years. You have to do SEO optimization, customer engagement, pay per click, and opt for the best search advertising techniques.

In every business industry, to sustain in the market, you have to move on with the times. If not, then the business can lag behind. Businesses that implement recent digital marketing techniques and tools gain the trust of their customers with ease. Also, they gain more new customers and garner more profits every year as per a survey.

Okay, if you have landed on this page, you are possibly searching for ways to take your company to the next level. So, please do not miss a word. Find some digital marketing trends of 2019 and innovations that are going to apply for the new year.

Artificial Intelligence

Yes, the recent word in industry circles is artificial intelligence. And the other part is machine learning. AI is definitely going to put its weight in digital marketing as it will impact customer targeting and send notifications only to specific customers to generate more leads and revenues.

artificial intelligence

At present, digital marketers make use of AI applications for campaign optimization and product recommendations. AI is also used in many companies to help give proper customer service. The benefits of which have led to more revenue by sales. As per a survey, nearly fifty percent of businesses are using AI applications to improve their customer experience. The other percentage is making use of AI to improve the manufacture of products and offering of services. Making use of AI in marketing and business strategy is going to be the latest digital marketing trends of 2019.

Chat bots

As humans, you desire acceptance and self-respect in society. And in this era of fast-paced life, companies are vying with each other to give the best products and services to their customers. So, let us assume a situation. You have taken services from a home maintenance company which offers computer repair in Bangalore. Now, pleased with the service, you want to send a “Thank you” note to the company. And so, when you send a message, you get an apt response. You feel gratified at receiving an instant response.


Now, you do not know that there is no human at the other end, but a chatbot. So, this Chatbot powered with AI application can answer simple queries and pass on the complex questions to a human. And when a customer receives an instant response, the number of customers to your website can grow in numbers.

So, making use of AI chatbots in customer care has helped many companies expand their businesses far and beyond. There are chances that chatbots are going to be a part of customer care service in every business conglomerate. Another practice that will surely become the digital marketing trends of 2019.

Omni channel Marketing

In the good olden days, every business had to happen by the brick and mortar store. Now the concept has changed. A business can happen online, and the customer can interact with a specific company team via many channels, such as making the call on the company number, put a comment in the website, or put a review for Facebook ads. There are many visitors who opt to send wishes by Twitter. So, the chances of communication have improved. And if suitable responses are given to the customer, then he/she can become a loyal customer for your company brand.

omnichannel marketing


Industry experts have specified that a company with omni channel marketing stands to retain more of their customers than a company which does not follow the same tactic. So, this opting for omni channel marketing is going to be one of the most followed digital marketing trends of 2019.

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and Progressive Web Apps

Gone were the days, when businesses were done only through websites, brick and mortar stores. After 2000, E-commerce became popular. A majority of sales of every brand is through mobiles. And it is estimated fifty to sixty percent of searches for every doubt is checked on mobile. And when it comes to your business website, you have to ensure that it is mobile optimized. Now, even Google has stepped in to make the change leading to the Accelerated Mobile PAges project. So, the web pages of any website can open faster thus leading to a low bounce rate.

accelerated mobile pages


Yes, the search giant has clearly specified, that the AMP will not be listed as a ranking factor. But as a business owner, you need to make the website more visible to the customers or let us say target audience. There are many benefits of Progressive Web Apps.

Fast Loading – Every visitor to the website want better responses for their search and navigation. And when you go for the PWA, the visitor will get a faster response than the normal app.

Progressive Web Apps – They act as coordinators for your website and the app.

Flipkart by making use of PWA got better sales generated from areas with a poor internet connection. Implementation of PWA can be one of the latest digital marketing trends of 2019.

Email and Marketing Automation

The concept of sending email to prospective clients is still out there, but the practices followed are different. But the difference is clearly visible. While the previous mail can suit every customer, the recent mail content focuses on giving individual attention.

email and marketing automation

Personalized emails can make the reader become a prospective buyer. Marketing automation is also going to be followed in 2019 because of its many benefits such as –

Marketing automation saves time – Instead of your sales reps wasting time and copying lead information and sending perfect emails, the automation application can identify the prospect and send him/her a perfect email. It will be a call-to-action email that can make the lead turn to a prospective client.

Co-ordination – Few miscommunication issues may happen between your sales department and marketing team. In such situations, the software can make the information available to one and all teams as programmed.


The trend of the video had already started in 2015, but the peak is yet to come. Now, instead of watching your favorite programs only on TV, you can also watch in your smartphone via an app.


Yes, the trend has changed. Now, with mobiles becoming the favorite viewing device, no one is interested in straining their eyes and reading content on websites. So, they opt for video channels which can satisfy their quest for knowledge.

Now there is another trend which has caught up – live video. It is going to be one of the digital marketing trends of 2019. Every viewer wants to see a viral video at the same instant. The change has happened because the public felt that editing can make a video content real as well fake. So, they have made the shift to living videos.

Rise In Ad words


You will spend more revenue on Ad words than on 2018. So, start-ups are investing money in PPC agencies and expert to work on the Ad words strategy. A miscalculation or mismanagement of PPC ads can bring a big hole in your finance department. But with the proper expert in your team, and a good marketing strategy can bring the best ROI to your company.


So, have you read the article on upcoming digital marketing trends of 2019? This year can bring many changes in the digital marketing industry. If you are a business owner, it is mandatory to be at your very best to stay ahead of the competition. There are contents flowing everywhere, but keeping in mind Google algorithms and your marketing team suggestions, you can make great inroads in your industry. All the best.


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